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Wildflowers & Ice: Hiking Turkey’s Majestic Kackar Mountains

Go along with me for an epic trekking experience into the wonderful Kackar Mountains in Eastern Turkey where crude wild and antiquated ways of life leave enduring recollections.

I started my Kackar mountain travel strolling up a soil street towards lavish green foothills from the little traveler town of Ayder. Passing the infrequent abandoned yayla by a waterway swollen with new snow-soften.

Yaylas are little Turkish mountain towns occupied by roaming herders who convey domesticated animals here to touch high fields in spring and summer months. Many were relinquished, a couple of hinted at life as local people started coming back with their creatures.

In one such town, called Yukari Kavrun, I was startled to locate a substantial irate bull obstructing the street. I circumspectly stepped back until the point that the grunting creature chose to annoy a gathering of dairy animals close-by while local people hollered and pursued it down with ropes.

The general population who live in these valleys originate from everywhere. Their progenitors were initially from Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Russia, even Uzbekistan. They bring home the bacon grouping bovines and sheep; creating delectable cheddar, yogurt, and the best nectar on the planet.

Kackar Mountains Turkey

Yukari Kavrun Village

My Emergency Storm Shelter

Hazardous Weather 

Climbing a precarious trail over the town, I halted quickly for lunch on a slope encompassed by beautiful orange, yellow, and purple wildflowers. A barbed mass of snow-topped pinnacles lingered ahead as I climbed on.

Climate changes rapidly in the Kackar Mountains. Brilliant blue sky was devoured by a cover of dim mists thundering with lightning and thunder. At that point came the hail!

I was compelled to withdraw into a valley to discover cover as lightning more than once struck the uncovered edge before me, hurriedly developing a crisis protect utilizing a rain canvas and creeping under similarly as the most exceedingly awful climate hit.

Split! BOOOOOM! It was the loudest thunder I've encountered, essentially shaking the mountain underneath me. Before long took after by blinding flashes of lightning. I cherish insane climate, yet this was truly alarming. Hail pounded down from the sky — nearer than normal here at 8,000 feet.

Deep Blue Alpine Lake

Snow capped Lakes and Backcountry Camping 

The awful climate passed nearly as fast as it arrived however. I rose up out of my sanctuary to start climbing once more, hunting down a not too bad outdoors spot. Halting to set up camp and plan hot tea alongside a dark blue elevated lake as the sun dipped under the skyline.

What sort of asylum would i say i was pressing? A loft obviously! Yet, at these elevations there are no trees… just shakes. Be that as it may you'd be astonished at exactly how flexible an outdoors loft can be. An arrangement of shake climbing nuts, a huge waste pack, and a froth cushion transforms a loft into a conventional bivy sack for mulling over the ground.

The temperature dropped and I looked at the stars in all out quiet for some time, drinking some olive oil and doing pushups to develop some body warm before moving into my dozing pack for the night.

The following morning was icy and sunny. I scarfed down some bread, nectar, and trail blend for breakfast before taking back off on the trail.

Strolling down into a valley through snow towards another mountain lake. The daylight didn't keep going long however, and dim mists soon moved in for a second day, undermining to postpone me once more.

Best Camping Spot Ever?

Abandoned Mountain Village

Rich Green Valleys 

I figured out how to climb up and over the go in the wake of taking safe house under a stone for a hour as another hail and lightning storm glided by. The trail here is totally avoided see under a layer of snow, which typically sticks around until mid July in the Kackar Mountains.

There were a couple of precarious areas where the snow was profound, however I made it down into the following valley after around 6 hours of climbing — and what an excellent place it was! The zone is called Dupeduzu, a prevalent outdoors spot in these mountains. Fields of blinding white snow transformed into rich green grass secured with dynamic wildflowers.

The soundtrack to this heaven? Spouting streams slowing down from the precarious mountains above. 

In the wake of outdoors for a third day in the mountains, I climbed down to bring down heights keeping in mind the end goal to stock up on sustenance. Fortunately there are numerous yaylas not far away where it's conceivable to purchase fundamental supplies like bread, cheddar, trail blend, canned fish, olives, and beans.

Since it was still ahead of schedule in the season, a few towns are meagerly populated or totally surrendered. It took me a couple of hours to achieve one of the bigger towns called Olgunlar. They have a couple of little guesthouses here, and an early morning dolmusch (open taxi) that will remove you from the mountains on an earth street.

Spring Snow Melt Feeds Wildflowers

Man vs. Mountain

Kackar Mountain Wilderness 

Once loaded up for an additional 2 days of trekking, I cleared out Olgunlar by walking to start moving towards my definitive objective, a shocking high mountain lake called Deniz Golu, and perhaps a summit endeavor on Mount Kackar itself, contingent upon climbing conditions.

In transit I experienced more streams to cross, nearby Muslim shepherds driving their sheep and cows out to the freshest nibbling fields, and a lot of butterflies. A similar reason this range delivers the best nectar is likewise why there are such a variety of types of butterfly around…

The Kackar Mountains have a mind boggling measure of assorted variety with regards to wildflowers! 

I pitched my loft/bivy next to a huge rock at the Dilberduzu outdoors region, where there's really a toilet because of the vast number of nearby climbers who go through for summer mountaineering experiences. I at long last kept running into a couple of different explorers here as well.

On the morning of my fourth day I ascended with the sun to move as high as I could into the Kackar Mountains. It didn't take long to achieve snow, and a greater part of my climb was spent in it. Not completely prepared to trek in these conditions, I was utilizing little refuse packs to line within my shoes — a kind of poor-man's GoreTex.

While your footwear gets drenched outwardly, your feet themselves remain quite dry. The greater part of the snow was very much compacted by this point at any rate, so I just sank down to my lower legs.

Kackar Mountains Landscape

Let’s Go Sledding!

Outrageous Sledding Adventure 

The impacts of elevation climbing at 10,000 feet was inflicting significant damage — regaining some composure was more troublesome and backing me off. Be that as it may, after around 2-3 hours of scrambling up finished rocks, I made it to lake Deniz Golu, which sadly was as yet solidified over!

Too awful, as I'd beforehand observed photographs of the lake, and it's a tremendous shade of blue.

I climbed additionally up to 11,000 feet scanning for a high vantage point for catching photographs of the astounding scene around me. Mount Kackar itself was canvassed in a thick layer of mists and haze, and with no noticeable trail in the snow, it wasn't ok for me to proceed individually. Particularly without legitimate rigging.

When I had the shots I was searching for, the time had come to advance down these mountains and back to development. What is the snappiest approach to drop a snow-secured mountain? Extraordinary sledding obviously!

While leaving the Kackar Mountins I found a gathering of neighborhood ladies setting up an outing in the grass alongside a relinquished yayla. They waved me over and demanded I go along with them. The wonderful custom made nourishment and bubbling hot tea was exactly what I required following 4 days in the wild…

Our dialect boundary was high, just thinking around 5 words in each other's local tongue. Be that as it may, with bunches of grins and hand motions, we had some ungainly yet interesting discussion. I expressed gratitude toward them and strolled on to Olgunlar, registering with a guesthouse and discovering an early morning taxi out.
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