A Great Tour At The Mayan Ruins Of Ek’ Balam


I took a collectivo, these taxi-vans that stick around until there are sufficient individuals setting off to a similar place before it takes off. It’s the least expensive approach to get around in Mexico. I took off onto the road to search for one.

On a commonplace day, I’d get asked 3 distinct circumstances by collectivo drivers in the event that I needed to go to Ek’ Balam while out strolling around. However, for reasons unknown toward the beginning of today I couldn’t discover any!

View From the Top of the Acropolis
View From the Top of the Acropolis

Packed Valladolid Taxi Ride

I surrendered and chose to discover a taxi. I talked a cabbie into packing every one of the 5 of me into his modest 4 traveler auto. For $40 pesos every, he would drive me over to the remnants (a 30 minute drive), and hold up there 3 hours to drive me once more into town.

On the ride in I could see and notice consuming woods. Our driver revealed to me they are clearing the land to fabricate more visitor offices in the territory.

This is somewhat tragic, as I think the locales lose their secret when they begin including monster transport parking areas and lodgings everywhere.

Mayan Ruins Of Ek’ Balam

The remains themselves were exceptionally great. It’s evaluated they were worked around 800 A.D. The name Ek’ Balam signifies “Dark Jaguar” in the Mayan dialect.

The primary Acropolis structure is 95 feet high, and the stairs are exceptionally steep. It was a significant exercise to climb up it.

An extraordinary aspect regarding this site is that you can even now get on every one of the remnants. Another in addition to is that it isn’t as vigorously gone by as some different demolishes in the range, and on the off chance that you go early, you can regularly be the main individuals there.

Beautiful X’Canche Cenote
Beautiful X’Canche Cenote

Swimming X’Canche Cenote

Ideal adjacent to the vestiges is a cenote called X’Canche, a sink opening in the ground loaded with crisp water. This cenote is around 1 mile away however, and in light of the fact that it was shutting soon, we needed to lease bicycles to get to it in time for a swim before it shut.

Swimming in the cenote was cool. It had a suspension connect and a rope swing as well. This was not inside a buckle like different cenotes I’d gone by in Mexico, or spots like Rio Secreto. A rooftop opened up to the sky. We swam for 25 minutes before they shut it down for the day.


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