Cirque de Mafate – Cayenne Mountain Village

Goodbye Cayenne

Cirque de Mafate is a volcanic caldera, framed long prior when part of fountain of liquid magma Piton des Neiges crumbled. It’s one of 3 cirques on Reunion Island, a remote French region situated in the Indian Ocean.

Today we were climbing to the focal point of the island. Be that as it may, initial six of us got on the back of a 4×4 pickup truck, in addition to a couple of additional inside, for a rough terrain drive through the River des Galets in an improvised taxi.

From that point it’s a 2-3 hour climb into the mountains to achieve the remote towns of Mafate, initially manufactured when the inside of the island was colonized by gotten away slaves amid the nineteenth century.

Riviere des Galets

Cirque De Mafate

There are no streets in Mafate, yet 800 individuals live in a modest bunch of groups worked inside the caldera. The best way to achieve the zone is on climbing trails or by helicopter.

Our guide Ludo drove the way, and quickly we were compelled to swim over the stream a few times climbing into the valley. The way ended up noticeably more extreme with bends and a couple of high extensions spreading over long drops to the stones underneath.

A little dirty puppy joined the gathering and climbed with us for some time. Low-flying helicopters hummed overhead at regular intervals or something like that, carrying sustenance and supplies to the villagers.

Houses in Cayenne Village

A greater number of Cats Than People

Our goal was Cayenne town, where a nearby family was facilitating us for lunch. Cayenne is totally cut off from the matrix. They utilize sun powered boards and a couple of diesel generators for control.

On the off chance that inhabitants need to visit the market, they should climb out of the mountains for 2 hours, at that point bounce in a 4×4 taxi. The nearby teacher makes this excursion each Monday, remaining overnight amid the prior week going to her home on the ends of the week.

It takes an extraordinary sort of individual to live so far out in the wild!

We touched base to discover the town totally overwhelm by felines. Enormous felines, little felines, messy felines, entertaining felines. It was my sort of place.

Homes here are little, beautiful, and basic. They even have a little church.

Dirty Little Kitten

Neighborhood Creol Lunch

Our hosts Jeff and Cathy were at that point setting up a conventional Creole supper cooked over a start shooting. We meandered around the town taking photographs or playing soccer with kids on a grass secured helipad.

At the point when lunch was prepared we sat down to a tranquil and unwinding supper encompassed by the tall green bluffs, banana trees, and beautiful blossoms. Scooping delightful steamed rice and Rougail Saucisse (hotdogs with tomatoes, green mango, and ginger) into our countenances while at the same time battling off an assault of hungry felines.

Washing everything down with nearby Dodo brew, shots of Orchid bloom mixed Charrette Rum, and solid espresso.

Spicy Creol Sausages

Flying Out Of The Mountains

Rather than climbing back the way we arrived, we were dealt with to a picturesque flight out of the town and over the island with Helilagon Helicopters.

Since there are no streets up here, helicopters are an essential type of transportation. The chopper flew in from the valley beneath, touching down on the edge of a precipice. All of a sudden a second helicopter showed up endeavoring to drop off provisions — making a sky congested road!

We immediately strolled under the turning sharp edges and moved in to take off so the other one could arrive.

Our master pilot weaved through Mafate’s restricted gullies in the rain to the drift in around 15 minutes. Disregarding waterfalls and different towns on the flight. This was really my first helicopter ride, and I cherished it.

Goodbye Cayenne

Climbing Reunion Island

You could invest days climbing the system of wonderful trails covering Reunion island — encountering rainforests, volcanoes, and waterfalls while outdoors or remaining with nearby villagers in mountain gites (little lodges).

However, there are a lot of short day climbs for families as well. The island is an explorer’s heaven.

Gathering is likewise host to the yearly Grand Raid, an extraordinary ultramarathon in the mountains that pulls in many sprinters from everywhere throughout the world.


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