Cyclades : which Greek islands to visit ?

If you wish to go on vacation outside of France, there is no shortage of destinations all over the world that fit your desires and your budget. Greece, in particular, is a leading destination. Many islands are located in this country. Through this article, you will discover which Greek islands to visit.

Mykonos, the must-see

For both travel enthusiasts and those who are just looking for adventure, the Greek islands are among the most coveted destinations. Many tourists and travel enthusiasts choose this destination for their adventures. To this end, one island, in particular, namely Mykonos, attracts visitors for many reasons. For those who enjoy a stroll by the sea, Mykonos is known for having one of the most phenomenal beaches on the planet with its white sands. Moreover, the clubs on this island ensure a torrid atmosphere with exotic colors.

Devos, full of history

For those who are not fond of dancing and rhythm, the islands of Greece can also offer a more intellectual than playful setting. Indeed, the island named Devos houses some of the remains of the Greek civilization. Considered the cradle of the God of beauty, Apollo, this place contains sanctuaries that pay tribute to him. Therefore, if you are in Greece, do not forget to make a short stay on this island, which will allow you not only to relax but also to enrich your knowledge of history. You will have something to tell your friends and family when you come back.

Naxos, for tranquility

Taking a vacation does not necessarily mean partying, drinking alcohol, and dancing all day. On the contrary, for certain people, vacations are synonymous with the search for peace, rest, and tranquility. In this sense, Naxos is the ideal place for this purpose. This island is both calm and peaceful and has a picturesque landscape and architecture. If you are planning a trip with your family, Naxos can satisfy this desire for tranquility and for a pleasant time with family or friends. Besides the landscape, the local cuisine on this island is also a way to taste the charms of Greece. If you make a trip to Greece, don't forget to make a detour to visit this island.

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