Discover the famous islands of the Seychelles and their wonders

Visit the sublime islands of the Seychelles with their idyllic sandy beaches. This is an atypical destination, which you certainly must visit. Embark on a cruise to see the islands of the Seychelles and be amazed by the breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Going to the Seychelles is a relaxing trip, rich in discoveries, and will satisfy your thirst for adventure. There, you will find many activities awaiting you.

What are the particularities of the Seychelles islands ?

A stay in the Seychelles is a dream trip that will surely challenge your adventurous spirit. This destination allows you to enjoy an unforgettable moment that will leave a permanent mark on your mind. You will be mesmerized by the enchanting beaches covered by white dunes and by the turquoise waters that will give you a feeling of total freedom.

No matter what your profile is, whether you are a thrill seeker or more of an adventure seeker, the Seychelles islands are full of activities not to be missed. North Island, for example, is home to a variety of coastlines with unrivalled splendour and is ideal for swimming. Silhouette Island, on the other hand, is a richly endowed setting in the heart of the ocean, and is perfect for diving or cruising.

What are the main islands to discover in Seychelles ?

Board a cruise from Victoria, the city of the archipelago, to discover the islands of the Seychelles and be charmed by the enchanting scenery with its remarkable fauna and flora. You can also visit Curieuse Island, known for its red coloured earth and for its Aldabra land turtles, where you can also take a walk in the middle of the mangroves. You can then discover the Arid Island, a wonderful place that is home to a variety of birds.

The island of Praslin is home to the Vallée de Mai nature park, where you can find Lodoicea. Throughout your cruise, you will have the opportunity to make cultural discoveries and go for a stroll. Particularly noteworthy are the Poivre Islands, the magnificent Saint-François Atoll and the depopulated and protected Bijoutier Island.

Exceptional diving islands in the Seychelles

If you are more of a thrill seeker, the Galapago Islands, in the Indian Ocean, or Cosmoledo Atoll, will surely be of interest to you. You can do some exceptional scuba diving in the pond. A stopover on Astove Island will be an unforgettable experience during your trip. It is very popular due to the splendour and multitude of its sea beds. Finally, before returning to Mahé, the big island, head to the coral island of Remire and spend some time on the heavenly beaches of La Digue Island.

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