Moroccan dishes are affected by Berber, Jewish, Arab, and French societies. We’ve assembled a rundown of nourishments we believe merits attempting while at the same time going to Morocco.

1. Tagine

We had tagine different circumstances while in Morocco. It’s a mud cooking pot with a cone shaped cover with different sorts of dishes moderate cooked inside (meat, sheep, chicken, veggies, and so on). You can go anyplace (a roadside stop, bistros, more pleasant eateries to give some examples places).

2. CouscousMorocco

Couscous is initially from Morocco and commonly presented with meat or vegetable stew. Generally it’s set up on the Muslim blessed day (Friday) and for exceptional events, however you can discover it at most eateries and bistros.


3. Zaalouk

Zaalouk is a typical side dish and commonly presented with dried up bread. It’s a spread made with eggplants, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and flavors.


4. Fish Chermoula

Chermoula is a blend of herbs and flavors utilized when flame broiling or heating fish and fish. Contingent upon the blend, you’ll get kinds of onion, coriander, bean stew peppers, or saffron. In many cases you’ll consider it to be a plunging sauce as well!

5. Harira

This is essentially a Moroccan lentil soup typically filled in as a starter or utilized amid Ramadan to break the quick at nightfall.


6. Pastilla (Chicken or Pigeon Pie)

In the event that you adore the blend of sweet and salty flavors than you unquestionably need to attempt pastille. This flaky pie is generally made with pigeon, however more normally presented with chicken at this point.


7. Makouda

Who doesn’t love pan fried sustenances? Makouda is a pan fried potato ball plunged in fiery sauce and unquestionably a road nourishment staple.

8. Khobz


This hard bread is commonly prepared in shared wood-let go broilers and presented with a considerable measure of dinners. Additionally, make certain to look at all alternate breads in Morocco, similar to the harcha (a rich bread), rghaif (a flaky level bread), or baghira (springy crumpet).



9. Steamed Sheep Head

Amid the celebration of Eid al-Adha, everybody butchers a sheep at that point steams the set out toward hours. You can ordinarily buy a half or entire head and appreciate it with cumin, salt, and stew. The entire head is eatable, yet the best parts are the delicate cheek meat and tongue.

Steamed Sheep Head

10. Spicy Sardines

Morocco is the world’s biggest exporter of sardines. Normally, they likewise serve everything over the nation. Stuffed and cooked with a fiery chermoula sauce, they profound sear the fish for a delicious bite.

Spicy Sardines

11. Mint Tea

Everybody has his or her own rendition of mint tea, which is the drink of decision in Morocco. It’s a green tea base with heaps of mint leaves and sugar.

Mint Tea

12. Bissara

Usually served amid breakfast, this is a rich and generous soup produced using dried fava beans. Normally it will be finished with new olive oil and a sprinkle of cumin.

13. Crumbed Liver

You can attempt this with a side of fries or in a sandwich, however the smooth and rich calves’ livers is a scrumptious fricasseed dish.

14. Brochettes

These delectable kebabs are rubbed in salt and flavors and can be found in a considerable measure of the business sectors. You can get chicken, sheep, or hamburger and the colossal billows of smoke make for incredible photographs.


15. Eggplant Fritters

Aubergine, or eggplant, is regular in a couple of various dishes in Morocco, yet make sure to attempt the squanders. They cut the eggplant at that point dunk them in a paprika player before profound fricasseeing them for a delectable side dish.

16. Snail Soup

Snail soup can be discovered all finished Morocco. Utilize a toothpick to select the snails from the shells at that point gulp up to the soup. Local people trust the soup is useful for processing and fever.

Snail Soup

17. Stuffed Camel Spleen

Going up against the type of a wiener, stuff camel spleen is delicate and smooth. It’s generally loaded with hamburger or sheep, olives, flavors, and a touch of mound fat. It’s commonly served in a sandwich.

18. Tanjia

Tanjia is named after the mud pot that it’s cooked in. It’s customarily loaded with pieces of hamburger or sheep and a group of flavors, at that point moderate cooked in the ashes of a heater.


19. Kaab el Ghazal

Kaab el Ghazal, or gazelle horns, are bow molded cakes have almond glue scented with orange bloom water and cinnamon.

Kaab el Ghazal

20. Briwat or Briouats

You can’t leave Morocco without having a portion of the scrumptious desserts! Briwat is a southern style filo cake in the state of a triangle and loaded with almonds.

21. Shebakia

Another scrumptious treat, shebakia is a blossom formed, browned sesame treat dunked in nectar. You’ll as a rule discover honey bees all finished them in the business sectors, and they simply shoo them away before serving them to you. It’s all piece of the experience.


BONUS TIP: Don’t Forget Your Immodium

It doesn’t make a difference how solid you think your stomach is. It’s smarter to be sheltered than sorry, companion. We’re no outsiders to eating road nourishments in the nations we visit, and we’ve once in a while become ill. I’ve never taken Immodium. On this trek, 33% of our visit got wiped out after our first night, including me, and that Immodium came in truly helpful!


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