Romantic getaway : places to visit during the weekend

Published on : 28 September 20223 min reading time

Are you a couple looking for a weekend of leisure time ? Here is a selection of destinations to visit in Europe to enjoy a romantic weekend. Every couple needs a moment of relaxation to recover from the stress of daily life and also to spice up their love life. Europe is well known for all of its travel destinations and also for taking lovers on many romantic getaways. Discover Europe as a couple and get to know the best parts of the continent.

Italy : discover Rome and its magnificent treasures

For a romantic getaway, you can choose Rome as your destination for a romantic getaway. The several places you will visit and the activities you will do as a couple will certainly enrich your weekend in Rome. The city of Rome will not only delight you with its history, but also with its gastronomy. You can visit the famous Piazza di Spagna, Trevi, Colosseum and Fontana. Rome takes you to the best and most romantic spots in the city. For your romantic outings in Rome, you can climb to the top of the Aventine Hill while passing through the Savello Park. Then, in the evening, you can watch the sunset. Finally, you can have a romantic dinner on an incredible rooftop.

Spain : visit Barcelona for two

For those who love the beach and tropical atmosphere, why not escape to Barcelona for a romantic weekend. Barcelona’s many monuments will help you seduce your other half again. During your trip to Barcelona, you will have plenty of activities to do together. You can visit the parks, so that you can bask under the shade of the trees. The Ciutadella Park, for example, is one of the most romantic parks in Barcelona. You can also enjoy the sunset in the Bunkers del Carmel square. Barcelona is also one of Europe’s most romantic cities.

Greece : a romantic trip to Santorini

If you’re planning an engagement or a wedding, why not go to Santorini for a romantic weekend, where you can celebrate your love ? Santorini is a city in Europe that has become very famous as a romantic getaway. Santorini is also an ideal place to organise your honeymoon. To make your stay enjoyable, climb the stairs of Fira and Oia to admire the sunset. You can also take a trip to the sea to see the volcanic islands and the hot water springs.

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