What are the most visited parts of New York ?

New York is a great and well-known city. Having the opportunity to go there, even once in a lifetime, is a must. Many people are aware of this, as the number of tourists visiting the city has increased considerably in the recent years. If you are planning to travel to New York in the near future, check out the most visited areas of the city !

The Manhattan district

Manhattan is certainly the face of the city. It is in this district of New York that the greatest monuments of state can be found. It is also known for its incomparable buildings, green spaces where you can relax and various historical places. During your strolls, don't miss Central Park, this immense green park of 341 hectares. There are sports fields, benches and an open-air cinema square, all of which are free. For art enthusiasts, there are a few museums that are not to be missed, including the Met on the Upper East Side and the MoMa in Midtown. If you've come to New York to shop, make sure you visit Fifth Avenue.

The Brooklyn district

Brooklyn is known as the immigrant district. It is certainly for this reason that this area is a thriving cultural melting pot. You can find Caucasians, Afro-Americans, Hispanics and Asians. In fact, you will quickly notice this as you walk through the many streets of Brooklyn. This part of the city is also characterised by red sandstone houses, just like those you've most likely seen in the movies. As for the most popular activities, walking across the bridge that separates this district from Manhattan is certainly one not to miss. You can do it during the day or by night. This will allow you to discover two very different sights and yet in the heart of the same place. For a short stop, the choice is between the Botanical Gardens and Brooklyn Bridge Park.


The third most visited district in New York is Queens. It is the largest suburb of the city and its residents come from over one hundred different countries. It is this cultural diversity that gives it its charm and makes it a pleasantly attractive district. From Gantry Plaza State Park, you can enjoy a superb view of the Manhattan skyline. You can also see the Empire State Building. For food connoisseurs, this is the place to go for all kinds of specialties, from Mexican, to American, to Thai.

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