Where can we find underwater caves in the Dominican Republic?

Published on : 28 September 20223 min reading time

In the Dominican Republic, you can enjoy scuba diving spots of great beauty. It is a place adapted for experienced divers as well as beginners, who will be able to admire underwater funds which lodge a very rich fauna and flora. Caves and wrecks allow observation of a great diversity of corals and fishes.

Diving in the Dominican Republic

If you are passionate about diving, the Dominican Republic is a destination that will absolutely seduce you. To better organize your stay, visit Go Dominican Republic. Here, you will be literally enchanted by the paradisiacal beaches, the peaceful lagoons, and the warm, translucent water. Divers can enjoy the best scuba diving and snorkeling sites in the Caribbean. They will be able to explore underwater caves that host an incredible number of tropical fish, corals, shellfish, and crustaceans. Divers from all over the world come to the Dominican Republic to enjoy some of the best dive sites on the planet. They can also dive around shipwrecks that were sunk to recreate an ecosystem conducive to the species that live in these waters.

The underwater park of La Caleta

The underwater park of La Caleta, created for tourist and scientific purposes, is located just twenty kilometers from the capital, Santo Domingo, off Boca Chica. Two wrecks allow divers to observe the underwater fauna and flora. The spot of Cabo Cabron allows you to make a tour of coral at almost 50 meters of depth. Numerous underwater caves allow you to explore an underwater world that is millions of years old, in turquoise waters with the sole sound of breathing.

The best dives in the caves of the Dominican Republic

In the subsoil of the Dominican Republic, caves, tunnels, and underwater lakes are found in abundance. This marvelous world, which blooms in turquoise waters over several dozen kilometers, is often unexplored. It allows experienced divers to live an unforgettable experience: exploring underwater cathedrals and galleries covered with stalagmites and stalactites. La Roca, Cueva Taina, El Tildo, Padre Nuestro, Sistema la Negra, and Jardin Oriental are some of the must-see diving spots in the Dominican Republic. A level of training is required for inexperienced divers who want to do this type of underwater excursion. There are easier dive destinations accessible to beginners. Around most resorts, there are shallow reefs where the waters are calm and perfectly suited for snorkeling.

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